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Graft Constant Temperature Machine

Graft retaining plate have two boxes thats why its called double plate storage and graft retaining plate dimension is 3.5*5.5*10 mm.
*Very compact in size
*Temperature can be accurately with a touch screen interface. temperature range can be set anywhere between 0-15 degree C.
*Complete DC device which makes it 100% shock proof.
* sufficient space to store the grafts.
*Machine is just portable (3 kg weight)
*Its a sturdy machine and easy to use.
*Comes with 1 year warranty.
*Technical specifications:-

Current : DC 18A

Voltage : DC 12V
*Works on both 110V and 220V

*Machine dimension 6*8*7 inch

*Graft retaining plate is autoclavable and reusable.

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