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Our Latest Products

Discover innovation and style with our latest offerings, from precise scissors to cutting-edge hair tools—each item designed to elevate your hairstyling experience. Explore our wide selection of ergonomic clippers, specialty thinning shears, and stylish accessories. Guru Hair Instruments is at the forefront of hairstyling excellence.

Adson Extraction Forcep

*Angular extraction foreceps are designed with a superior grip for extraction of grafts without crushing them. * Available in stainless steel and treated with germen antirust solution. *Available in both tip size 10mm and 6mm.

Advance Hair Transplant Kit

Advance hair Transplant Kit includes as below:- * Graft Constant Temp. machine (Double Plate Storage) *laser Assisted Hair Line Device *Dermojet ( Injection free anesthesia device) *Loupe *Marathon Micromotor Set *Handpiece *Standard FUE Punch 5 Pcs *Serrated FUE Punch 5 Pcs *Implanting Forceps 6 Pcs (Angular imp. forcep 2 pcs, Curve imp. forcep 2 pcs, Z-imp. forcep 2 pcs) *Extraction Forceps 5 Pcs (Adson ext. forcep, Adson serrated ext. forcep, Curve ext. forcep, Curve ext. forcep, Capsular ext. forcep) *Blade Holder *GURU Slit Blades 20 Pcs *Pen Implanter 10 Pcs *Needle Implanter 10 Pcs *Skin Vibrator ( Pain reducing device during local anesthesia ) *Prone Pillow *Optivisor *Petri Dishes 10 Pcs *Graft Cleaner

Anesthesia Device

*For needle-free subcutaneous injections *Sterlisable, reusable device *Holds about 40 doses *Easy-to-use, hygienic reusable device for needle-free injection *Quick and easy to fill *Quickly ready for use *Suitable for both emergency use and for daily subcutaneous injections *Injection depth: approx. 4-6 mm below the surface of the skin *Preset to 0.1 ml *Holds approx. 40 dosage units *To be rinsed with distilled water *To be sterilised at 134C *Total weight: 500 g

Angled Blade Holder

* Made on 45 degree angle. * Easily can make better slits in proper and natural hair direction. * Very easy and comfortable to use with grips. * Reusable for long time.

Angular implanting forceps

*Angular Implanting foreceps have an extremely fine tip and special ergonomic angle so as to provide extra ease in implanting the grafts . *The grip is superior than other foreceps yet soft enough so that the grafts do not get crushed. *Made by stainless steel. *Forceps are specially treated with german anti-rust solution (erx-370) which provide 100% protection from corrosion. *Also coated by special dull polish which prevent reflection from light.

Basic Hair Transplant Kit

Basic Hair Transplant kit includes as below:- *Hair Transplant Micromotor * Handpiece *Optivisor *Standard FUE Punch 2 Pcs *Serrated FUE Punch 2 Pcs * 3 Implanting Forceps ( Angular implanting forcep, Curve implanting forcep, Z-implanting forcep) *5 Extraction Forceps ( Capsular ext. forcep, Adson ext. forcep, Adson serrated ext. forcep, Curve ext. forcep, Curve serrated ext. forcep) *Optivisor *Blade Holder * 25 CTS Slit Blades *Pen Implanter 1 Pcs Free

Binocular loupe

*Working distance is 420 mm. *Light weight (200 g) *Provide wide vision area and clear vision . *Specially made for hair transplant surgeons. *Available in 2.5x, 3.5x magnification

Capsular extracting forceps

*Capsular foreceps are designed for a superior grip for extraction of grafts without crushing them. *Available in stainless steel and treated with german antirust solution. *Tip is specially coated by TIM which increase durability. *Capsular forceps are specific designed to easily extract adherent and tough to extract grafts.

CTS-Blade Handle

*Depth controlled for blade. *Very easy and comfortable to use with grips. *Helpfull to give proper direction slits. *Reusable for long time.