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Graft Constant Temperature machine-GCTM (Double Plate Storage Version)

*Machine comes with double plate storage as we can see in product photo. *Graft retaining plate have two boxes that's why its called double plate storage and graft retaining plate dimension is 3.5*5.5*10 mm. *Very compact in size *Temperature can be accurately with a touch screen interface. Temperature range can be set anywhere between 0-15 degree C. *Complete DC device which makes it 100% shock proof. * sufficient space to store the grafts. *Machine is just portable (3 kg weight) *Its a sturdy machine and easy to use. *Comes with 1 year warranty. *Technical specifications:- Current : DC 18A Voltage : DC 12V *Works on both 110V and 220V *Machine dimension 6*8*7 inch *Graft retaining plate is autoclavable and reusable. Scientific reason behind use of GCTM Viability of harvested follicles can be improved by cooling them to reduce the metabolic requirement. Cooling is between 10C - 15C, Chilling is between 4C - 10C while below 4C could lead to frost bite. Chilling is not desired because, when the grafts are implanted, a wide difference in temperature of the graft and the normal body temperature, leads to reperfusion injury. Uncontrolled cooling by keeping the grafts on ice can lead to unrecognized chilling. Controlled cooling is recommended for FUE grafts which are slim, having thin protective tissue on either sides and are prone to damage. Our cooling device gives precise control of every degree of temperature from 1 C to 20 C. Controlled cooling at 12C protects the harvested follicles during storage period by reducing the metabolism of the cells. Controlled cooling at 12C promotes better graft survival and promotes better graft take. Ensures you can deliver the best quality care to your patients.

Graft Constant Temperature Machine-GCTM (FIFO Version)

*Machine comes with FIFO Plate. *Very compact in size *Temperature can be accurately with a touch screen interface. Temperature range can be set anywhere between 0-15 degree C. *Complete DC device which makes it 100% shock proof.

Graft constant temperature machines (GCTM)/ Graft chilling machine

Guru Hair Treatment is one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of a wide-range of highly demanded finest quality Hair Transplant Graft Chilling Device in surgical Hair Transplant Instruments in India. At Guru Hair Treatment we offer an exceptional range of Hair Transplant Graft Collector for application in various Hair Transplant Instruments.

What is Hair Transplant Graft Chilling Device?

Guru Hair Treatment’s Hair Transplant Graft Chilling Device is used in hair transplant treatment to reduce the temperature of the skin tissue. It reduces the metabolic rate of the cells of the graft tissue significantly. Most surgeons chill petri dishes on ice inside a tray or plastic container and disappointingly, ice melts gradually over time. The chiller plate overcomes the risk of temperature change by maintaining a constant temperature during the day. Guru Hair Treatment’s Hair Transplant Graft Chilling Device allows the surgeon to maintain a specific cold temperature of the graft tissue to increase shelf life of graft tissue.

Understanding Grafting Constant Temperature Machines (GCTM)

In the field of hair transplantation, accuracy and care are essential. Graft Constant Temperature Machines (GCTM or Graft Chilling Machines) are a game-changing innovation in the sector. So, what specifically do they do? Consider a sensitive operation in which hair follicles are removed from a donor region and transplanted into a recipient area. Each hair follicle is like a small treasure, with the potential of regeneration and renewal. However, these follicles are highly susceptible to environmental changes, notably temperature shifts. This is where the GCTM comes into play. These devices are precisely designed to provide an even temperature atmosphere during the hair transplantation procedure. By maintaining a consistent temperature, GCTM promotes the continued existence and survival of the hair follicles, resulting in more successful transplant outcomes.

The Mechanism behind GCTM.

GCTM works on a simple yet effective principle: temperature regulation. Various external elements are introduced into the follicles during the extraction and implantation phases of a hair restoration surgery. Temperature fluctuations can have a harmful impact on their viability, resulting in reduced success rates. GCTM solves this problem by creating a regulated environment in which the temperature remains constant throughout the operation. Whether follicles are extracted from the donor location or implanted into the recipient region, GCTM guarantees that they are subjected to the least amount of stress possible, increasing their chances of survival and growth after transplant.

Why You Should Choose Guru Hair Treatment for GCTM Solutions?

Guru Hair Treatment is delighted of its commitment to outstanding customer service and creativity. Here's why we're your top choice for GCTM solutions:   Modern technology at its finest: To provide our clients with better outcomes, we invest in the most recent advances in hair transplantation technology, such as cutting-edge GCTM devices.   Highly Experienced professionals: Our team consists of seasoned professionals with years of expertise in the field of hair restoration. From consultation to post-procedure care, you can rely on our experienced staff to advise you every step of the way. Customized Treatment Plans: We recognize that every customer is unique, with individual demands and goals. That is why we provide individualized treatment regimens that target specific issues and interests. Excellence at an affordable cost: Quality should never be a premium. At Guru Hair Treatment, we believe in making high-quality hair restoration procedures affordable to everyone, delivering low rates without sacrificing quality. Discover the Difference in Guru Hair Treatment Begin your hair restoration journey with assurance and happiness. Understand how Guru Hair Treatment differentiates and the transformational potential of GCTM products. Make an appointment with us right now, and let us support you in rediscovering the way you look and restoring your confidence! By selecting Guru Hair Treatment, you're investing in a life-changing experience that is carefully customized to your particular requirements and goals, not simply a technique. Our team of skilled specialists will work closely with you to create a customized treatment plan that fits your objectives and lifestyle from the first consultation to the last follow-up. We're dedicated to helping each and every one of our clients achieve their goal of looking and feeling their best because we think that everyone deserves it. We are here to assist you in achieving the natural-looking results you've always desired with our cutting-edge Graft Constant Temperature Machines (GCTM) and continuous dedication to perfection. So why not start now and become a more confident, exciting version of yourself? Make an appointment with Guru Hair Treatment right now, and let's begin this life-changing adventure together. Because your happiness and satisfaction are our top concerns at Guru Hair Treatment, rediscover the delight of having a full head of hair and the confidence that goes along with it.