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Advance Hair Transplant Kit

Advance hair Transplant Kit includes as below:- * Graft Constant Temp. machine (Double Plate Storage) *laser Assisted Hair Line Device *Dermojet ( Injection free anesthesia device) *Loupe *Marathon Micromotor Set *Handpiece *Standard FUE Punch 5 Pcs *Serrated FUE Punch 5 Pcs *Implanting Forceps 6 Pcs (Angular imp. forcep 2 pcs, Curve imp. forcep 2 pcs, Z-imp. forcep 2 pcs) *Extraction Forceps 5 Pcs (Adson ext. forcep, Adson serrated ext. forcep, Curve ext. forcep, Curve ext. forcep, Capsular ext. forcep) *Blade Holder *GURU Slit Blades 20 Pcs *Pen Implanter 10 Pcs *Needle Implanter 10 Pcs *Skin Vibrator ( Pain reducing device during local anesthesia ) *Prone Pillow *Optivisor *Petri Dishes 10 Pcs *Graft Cleaner

Graft Constant Temperature machine-GCTM (Double Plate Storage Version)

*Machine comes with double plate storage as we can see in product photo. *Graft retaining plate have two boxes that's why its called double plate storage and graft retaining plate dimension is 3.5*5.5*10 mm. *Very compact in size *Temperature can be accurately with a touch screen interface. Temperature range can be set anywhere between 0-15 degree C. *Complete DC device which makes it 100% shock proof. * sufficient space to store the grafts. *Machine is just portable (3 kg weight) *Its a sturdy machine and easy to use. *Comes with 1 year warranty. *Technical specifications:- Current : DC 18A Voltage : DC 12V *Works on both 110V and 220V *Machine dimension 6*8*7 inch *Graft retaining plate is autoclavable and reusable. Scientific reason behind use of GCTM Viability of harvested follicles can be improved by cooling them to reduce the metabolic requirement. Cooling is between 10C - 15C, Chilling is between 4C - 10C while below 4C could lead to frost bite. Chilling is not desired because, when the grafts are implanted, a wide difference in temperature of the graft and the normal body temperature, leads to reperfusion injury. Uncontrolled cooling by keeping the grafts on ice can lead to unrecognized chilling. Controlled cooling is recommended for FUE grafts which are slim, having thin protective tissue on either sides and are prone to damage. Our cooling device gives precise control of every degree of temperature from 1 C to 20 C. Controlled cooling at 12C protects the harvested follicles during storage period by reducing the metabolism of the cells. Controlled cooling at 12C promotes better graft survival and promotes better graft take. Ensures you can deliver the best quality care to your patients.

Marathon micromotor set

*Max speed : 35,000rpm *Torque: 2.9 Ncm, Compact size, 45W * micro motor with the handle can rotate 90 degrees to change the bur. This degree is enough for many applications. Moreover, this micro motor has a foot on/off switch system, which can make procedure work more convenient. But please note the foot switch system only have the switch Function, it cannot used to adjust the speed. * Compact sized control box with precise small and strong micromotor handpiece * Right & Left turning ability *Foot ON/OFF switch system

Marathon straight handpiece

This handpiece is made of a stainless steel body. Handpiece RPM extends to a maximum of 40,000. Handpiece by Saeyang Marathon offers good handling convenience. This is an autoclavable handpiece that offers precision and reliability. RPM 0 - Max 40,000 RPM Weight : 52 Gms. Ratio 1:1 Length x Diameter : 92.95 x 19.6 mm Max Temp :135C

SP 90-blade

*Made of by carbon steel. * Razor sharp cutting edges  

Strong lab handpiece

*Only this handpiece support Guru punches *Marathon brand *Handpiece High-speed 0- 35,000rpm, *Voltage:DC 30V *Portable Design *Installed special ball bearings for super high speed (Do not need add oil)