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Pen Implanter

* The idea behind the implanter device was simple: to combine the act of making an incision site in the recipient area and the implantation of an extracted graft into one act. * The Pen Implanter is a pen-like device featuring a hollow needle attached to a tube and plunger apparatus. * During a hair procedure with the Pen Implanter, the hair restoration physician and/or technicians loads harvested follicular units into the implanter pen. * Using forceps, the graft is placed gently into the hollow needle (at the end of the implanter) and handed back to the physician. * The surgeon then inserts the needle at an appropriate angle in the scalp (making the incision site) and implants the graft by pressing down on the plunger. * Normally, anywhere from 2-6 Pen implanters are used concurrently during a procedure, and the device comes in a variety of needle sizes to fit single, double, and triple follicular unit grafts. Advantage * Adequate graft survival rates * Decreased bleeding during recipient site creation * Reduced trauma during graft handling *Decreased time of surgery (with an experienced Pen Implanter team) due to the combination of graft site creation/implantation

Hair transplant implanter

The sharp implanter method of hair transplantation is becoming more and more common. But there hasn't been much talk about surgical expertise or certain methods that improve accuracy and efficiency. Guru hair treatments explain surgical methods that, when combined with the sharp implanter approach, enable dense packing in a quick and effective manner.

Every session at Guru Hair treatments involves the use of single-use disposable punches and needles. According to the Guru Hair treatment regulations, these devices are destroyed once the operations are completed in front of the patients.

Hair follicles from the donor area—primarily the back of the scalp—are removed and then transplanted into the bald area during a relatively straightforward cosmetic operation known as a hair transplant or hair transplantation, which is carried out under stringent safety regulations.

These days, hair loss is common in both men and women, and it can be caused by a variety of causes, including stress, heredity, and exposure to salt water, wounds, altered lifestyles, and environmental influences. The most reliable method of growing back lost hair is through hair transplantation. While there are several methods for carrying out a hair transplant or implantation surgery, the most cutting-edge technology that provides outcomes that are 100% assured.

The hair roots are placed into the advanced Guru Hair treatment Implanters and then immediately implanted in the bald region during the hair transplant process with the aid of the Guru Hair treatment technology. The skilled implanter guarantees that the hair is oriented, deepened, and has a normal appearance. It is a two-stage process that, in contrast to other hair implantation methods, is crucial for enhancing the quality of implanted hair, giving a thicker appearance, and guaranteeing speedy results.

What is an advanced implanter in Guru Hair treatment?

Hair transplant surgery is made easier and more successful with the use of a special instrument called the advanced implanter. Once saved from the donor region, these instruments are utilized to implant the hair follicles into the recipient area. It carefully transplants scalp-based hair roots straight from the donor location. One of the most expensive methods for getting your hair back is the Guru Hair treatment, thanks to this instrument.

A hair graft is held in place and implanted more easily into the scalp by the hollow needle at the tip of an advanced implanter. Until they get the required density, the doctors at Guru Hair Treatment repeat the same process for every graft. Handling the grafts has been made easier, which is the main advantage of employing an advanced implanter. For hair transplants, it also expedites the procedure and provides an exact angle, depth, and direction.

In addition, the canal opening process employed in traditional hair transplant methods involved severing the recipient area's required canal. The involvement of an Advanced Implanter minimizes discomfort, blood loss, and injury by injecting grafts directly into the recipient area.

Beneficial benefits of using implanter:

Below we are mentioning the benefits of using implanter. So, let's take a closer look at the advantages of utilizing Implanter.

  • Simplest way to implant between existing hairs: The implanter at Guru Hair Treatment simplifies the process of implanting grafts in between preexisting hair. It is an accurate instrument that removes the need for the shaving head and easily retains the graft and implants it in the recipient region.
  • Proper depth and angle for hair transplant: Surgeons may implant grafts at a specific angle while maintaining the natural orientation thanks to the Advanced Implanter. It facilitates the most precise depth and organic outcomes.
  • Greater Density: The surgeon does not need to make an extra implantation channel in order to use Guru Hair Treatment. Through the use of a sophisticated implanter, the grafts are inserted directly into the scalp tissues, preventing further tearing. It guarantees that several grafts are placed safely for great density in Guru Hair Treatment.

Furthermore, the sophisticated implanter promotes graft survival, reduces tissue injury to the surrounding area, and provides speedy recovery. The implanters from Guru Hair Treatment have no negative effects and, when used correctly by experts, can deliver great results.

What is the process of a hair transplant at Guru Hair Treatment?

  • The doctors at Guru Hair Treatment will first inject local anesthetic into the donor site before removing the grafts needed for the hair transplant. The extractor from a Guru Hair Treatment is used for it.
  • To guarantee exact direction, angle, and depth for the hair transplant, the skilled technician uses forceps to extract the one, two, and three hairs from the grafts and loads them onto the implanter needle. It facilitates the production of natural outcomes.
  • For optimal outcomes, the hair follicles were then carefully inserted into the recipient region by the surgeon at Guru Hair Treatment using an implanter. The surgeon uses forceps to place the hair transplant inside the needle before inserting the needle into the scalp in order to employ Guru Hair Treatment's implanters. Single, double, or triple hair transplant units can be fitted at a time using the different sized implanters. Depending on the kind of hair loss, different tools are chosen. This facilitates quicker hair implantation during the Guru Hair Treatment procedure.

What is the recovery period for the hair transplant procedure with the Guru Hair Treatment?

The recovery period for hair transplants at Guru Hair Treatment is quicker. Depending on the patient's needs, the patient is released that same day in full and is able to get back to their regular activities after two days. The implanters at Guru Hair Treatment make the process painless and don't do any harm to the scalp. To get natural outcomes, the patient is still advised to take the necessary measures as prescribed by the surgeon for a predetermined amount of time.

The direct hair implantation procedure at Guru Hair Treatment is carried out under stringent guidelines by only highly qualified medical professionals who are recognized and trained. This guarantees 100% safety, a viability rate of over 97% for the grafts, and results that are natural. Natural results and growth for a lifetime are provided by the implanter, who also makes the implantation process simpler and pleasant.

Trust the safest and most effective methods used at Guru Hair Treatments. We'll stick to them and do our best to offer you a second shot at happiness and hair growth.